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What We Offer

Conservation Education
The Conservation District makes funds available each year to help people learn how to care for natural resources.
Kentucky Conservation Writing and Jim Claypool Art Contests.
Local conservation education grants for educational institutions.
State and local scholarships for college students.
Kentucky Conservation Teacher of the Year competition for teachers who actively engage students in conservation education and community outreach. 
 National Envirothon- Conservation District sponsorship and support of local high school teams.
Kentucky Forestry Leadership Program - Weeklong experience in forest management and related subjects for high school students completing their sophomore and junior years.
Field Days and Workshops about pond scum, invasive species, Best Management Practices, and other conservation topics.

Conservation for Agriculture
Farmers receive technical and financial assistance through local, state and federal programs administered by the Conservation District and Natural Resources Conservation Service. These programs not only help farmers solve soil erosion and water quality issues on their farms, but help them restore, enhance, and protect the natural resources in their care.
Due to the variety of soils and terrain, each farm presents unique natural resource management challenges and opportunities. A variety of conservation measures are used to help landownersimprove soil quality, protect water resources, and enhance biodiversity while providing the agricultural production that is needed to help feed and clothe our nation.
Cost Share Programs available:
Farmers and other landowners can receive technical and often financial assistance to reduce soil erosion, prevent water pollution, and maintain and improve farmlands and forests
Kentucky Soil Erosion and Water Quality Cost Share Program - for installation of Best Management Practices to solve natural resource issues
Dead Farm Animal Removal Assistance Program
Farm Dump Removal Assistance Program
Non-Traditional Cost Share Grant - for agricultural landowners who are not eligible for traditional Farm Bill or state cost share programs.


Other Conservation Programs

Beginning Farmer Grant- For farmers that have been farming less than 5 years.

Backyard Conservation Local Cost Share- Assisting landowners with conservation efforts that may not be used for agricultural purposes.
Tree Planting and Urban Forestry Enhancement Grant for public lands.
Cooperator of the Year - Recognizing an outstanding Conservation District Cooperator.
Conservation Equipment - A Cricket 3-ton Lime Spreader is available for rent to Campbell County farmers for $25/day for spreading lime to improve productivity by increasing the soil pH.  Farmers must attend a safety training program before using the spreader. The spreader is a joint effort of the Campbell Co. Farm Bureau, Extension Service, Cattle Association, and Conservation District.
County Agriculture Investment Program - The District administers this state program to increase net farm income and help tobacco farmers and tobacco-impacted communities.