St. Anne Woods and Wetlands

In 2013, the Campbell County Conservation District was awarded a grant from the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund Board (KHLCFB) to purchase 146 acres of the St. Anne property. The KHLCFB grant included funds to acquire the land as well as to assist with land restoration and making the area accessible for compatible public uses such as hiking, bird watching, environmental study, scientific research. This is the second project funded by the KHLCFB in Campbell County. The property will be managed to protect and restore the land.

Currently, only one section of the wetlands (off of Anderson Lane before the railroad) is open to the public. We hope to have the woods open with an addition of a parking lot in the near future. Please contact the Conservation District office if you are interested in bringing large groups to tour the Wetlands. 

We have most recently partnered with the Northern Kentucky University Research and Education Field Station. The REFS facility opened in May 2017 and is nestled into the corner of the St. Anne Wetlands. Our District Coordinator sits on the REFS Steering Committee as a representative of the Conservation District and the St. Anne Woods and Wetlands. For more information on the REFS facility and programs, click here!