Working to ensure that the resources we enjoy today are here to provide for the needs of tomorrow


Kentucky Conservation Districts are Special Purpose Government Entities, organized under Kentucky Revised Statute 262. Conservation Districts are responsible for protecting our soil, water and other natural resources. The Campbell County Conservation District was established in 1945 by a vote of the citizens of the county. Seven locally elected officials who serve a four year term, without pay, govern the Conservation District. Services offered through the Campbell County Conservation District are funded through local tax dollars, grants, donations and volunteer work.

Farmers and other landowners can receive technical and often financial assistance to reduce soil erosion, prevent water pollution, and maintain and improve the productivity of our farmlands and forests. Landowners also receive assistance with writing and carrying out their Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Act Plans. The Conservation District also administers the Kentucky Soil Erosion and Water Quality Cost Share Program, Kentucky Agricultural District program, County Agriculture Investment Program, and a variety of other programs designed to help people care for their land.

A Memorandum of Agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service brings federal assistance to Campbell County. Conservation Districts are your local link to resources and assistance through the Kentucky Division of Forestry, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, and other state and federal agencies. Assistance is available to everyone, including landowners, businesses, schools, organizations, and cities and other local governments.
Monthly board meetings are held at the District office the second Monday of every month at 9:00 a.m. and are open to the public.